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Upcoming lego technic sets 2020

There are various Technic kits available, ranging from cars to helicopters to RC vehicles. Here are the 21 best Lego Technic sets for sale in For example, check out the RC Tracked Racer set It features an ultra-cool looking vehicle that has large tracks instead of wheels, and it can also be built into an off-road truck. Both vehicles have a green base with white and black pinstripe going down the center.

LEGO has been introducing new power functions into their line of toys sinceand now there are more functions than we know what to do with. This set uses some of those functions, and your kids are going to love them! It also features a working gearbox and steering wheel. It also comes with authentic stickers. I should note that this LEGO Technic Porsche was actually designed right alongside Porsche engineering experts to ensure quality and realism.

It has a working steering column and gearbox, detailed engine complete with moving piston, a fuel tank, foot pedals, and big exhaust pipes. It has a huge, detailed V8 engine that has working pistons. You can also pull long wheelies, thanks to a wheelie bar. Looking to build your own hot rod? The Getaway Racer is your best choice. It also uses kinetic motion with a pull-back motor so that you can pull it back and release it to watch it go.

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One of the highest-rated Technics kit is the Police Interceptor It has an impressive 4. It has the look of a Jeep, but with a white, lime-green, and black color scheme and police stickers. It is one of the easier Technic sets to put together, and it has just pieces. Intended for ages Another one of the bigger, more advanced Technic kits is this massive Bucket Wheel Excavator It also has motorized conveyor belts and bucket wheel.

It features a fully independent suspension, 6-cylinder engine complete with moving pistons, a detailed cab, and it has Lego power functions. Most impressively, of course, is the automated crane arm and grabber.

upcoming lego technic sets 2020

Super cool.Quarantine life is hard: you need a new project, but one that feels fun, achievable and satisfyingly nerdy.

Enter the best Lego sets, which we've handily collected in one brick-tastic place. What's great about the best new Lego sets is the sheer variety on offer, for all ages and ability levels. From pop culture tie-ins like The Upside Down from Strange Things to a new version of the International Space Station, we've rounded up builds for every price bracket.

There's even an app-controlled rally car for Top Gear fans with a sizable living room, or for the Manchester United fan with Premier League withdrawal symptoms, the superb new Old Trafford replica. We've concentrated on Lego's newer sets, but there are also some fine sets from last year too in the form of the Lego AT-AP Walker and Tree House, which is one of Lego's most eco-friendly sets so far thanks to the use of a sustainable polyethylene pieces.

Time to clear the kitchen table and get cracking…. Stranger Things has been a global phenomenon, and this set from Lego allows you to have a little bit of Hawkins and The Upside Down in one set. All your favorite characters are included here too, with a special demogorgon minifigure as well.

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Maybe setting this up can keep your nostalgia buzz going until Stranger Things season 4 lands. Buy the Lego The Upside Down set. You can make a Lego version of the car as it appears in Goldfinger, complete with all the tricks and gadgets. If you've been steadily building a NASA collection or just want to get a bit more galactic in your Lego aspirations, then this fine recreation of the International Space Station could be for you. It also comes with a display stand, so it can sit on your shelf as a fine background piece for your YouTube channel.

Well, crikey. Sometimes looking at a Lego set just does something to you inside, and this expensive set offers that experience. Based on Michael Keaton's Batmobile in the Tim Burton movie, clearly this is a more of a collector's piece than something you'd let your kids get toffee stains on.

It's a serious investment for a Lego set, but you can see the appeal. The stand enhances the collectors' appeal, and inside the cockpit, you'll find details accurate to the movie's depiction of Batman's iconic vehicle.

It's time to do some building yourself with this spectacular replica model of the English Premier League team's stadium. As you'd hope a set this expensive, there's some serious attention to detail in this Lego Creator set. With the old players' tunnel included too, even non-Manchester United fans might be tempted to build it.

upcoming lego technic sets 2020

The Lego Technic Catamaran is a brilliant set that shows off exactly what the Technic line is intended to do: teach builders how complex machines work and let them explore how they function first-hand.

But best of all, the completed model even floats, allowing builders to see their catamaran set sail. Lego's Star Wars helmets are so new that they're currently only available for pre-order, but they'll be shipping very soon. Part collectible, part display piece, the Stormtrooper Helmet has the signature menacing black eyes and white armor.

It's designed to be a challenging build for Star Wars fans who are 18 years old or over, but there's no doubt it's likely to be a hugely satisfying dark side project. Pre-order the Lego Stormtrooper Helmet. Now here's a proper challenge for those who really miss the days of doing real rally track days — a fully-working model of the Stig's rally car from the BBC's Top Gear show.

The build itself looks fun and challenging, but what's particularly cool is the attention to detail in the accompanying app. There are pedals, gear changes and gyroscope-based steering, along with sound effects.

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Once you've mastered the controls, there are also racing challenges and real-time feedback on your driving. Iron Man has become one of the true icons of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and you can now own a variety of his suits and his lab in Lego form. The best part is you can design the lab yourself with the ability to stack the suit displays high or in a semi-circle.

Lego's been making high-quality Star Wars merchandise for over two decades now, and it was so popular it kicked off both the trend of making themed Lego videogames and producing tie-in products based on popular franchises.We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers. Everything is awesome in the world of LEGO. LEGO is educational and fun. It sparks the imagination and aids in the development of hand-eye and fine motor coordination.

Sets range from the classic creative bricks boxes to the super-difficult Star Wars Millennium Falcon, which boasts an impressive 75, parts. This range allows you to build cars, trucks, construction vehicles, and helicopters with working gearboxes, steering systems, arms, and piston engines.

When launched inthe Technics sets were originally called the Expert Builder series. The aim of these sets was and is to provide technically challenging but very gratifying builds that include more complex parts than regular sets. So if you want to hone your engineering and auto-building skills in a fun and creative project, look no further.

Instead, they mostly use studless beams liftarms and pins to hold the bricks together.

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The disadvantage is that the builder basically needs to assemble the project from the inside out rather than from the ground up. That requires a lot of planning, forward thinkingand visualization. Some projects can be dismantled and rebuilt into different structures. If the building is the fun part for you rather than admiring the finished productlook into these two-in-one sets. This range includes some of the add-on sets for Technic sets, such as the pneumatics. These will come with additional materials like problem-solving activities, lesson plans, and worksheets, all of which are great for kids.

Learn how the paddle shifters on the gear shifts work, and marvel at the attention to detail. Some customers enjoy the build so much that they report disappointment after finishing the steps it takes to complete — but the resulting model is definitely worthy of display.

Technic sets contain a variety of moving parts.

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Some of these mechanicals are also offered for sale as separate sets for upgrading, customizing, and adapting. LEGO Technics can be brought to life with a motor.

Some kits come with a motor, while others need to be purchased separately if you want a fully functioning model.This article is about the year. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Snolid Ice. That would also be cool and a good idea TZ. Hopefully the sets in 10 years wont need too many new molds just be created. Just different uses of existing ones. Hey, everyone.

I just noticed that the user Mauritonio Poli has b Categories :. The White House. Donald Duck. Valentine's Bear.

upcoming lego technic sets 2020

Police Car. Police Helicopter. Fire Rescue Water Scooter. Beach Buggy. Police Dog Unit. Police Highway Arrest. Police Helicopter Chase. Police Helicopter Transport. Police Monster Truck Heist.We already know about the Spider-Man vs.

There will be one set called Wrath of Loki which also consists of the Avengers Tower. A new Helicarrier is also reported to be coming. It is a smaller version than the UCS style one we got a few years ago. There will also be a brick-built M.

Some other sets that will be coming include a Hulkbusteranother Avengers Toweras well as sets based on The Eternals movie. It looks like that set will be a Venomized set in which the symbiotes bonds with other super heroes and villains.

upcoming lego technic sets 2020

The Brick Fan. Cheetah Set Revealed. When you make a purchase or, sometimes, carry out some other action as direct result of clicking on a link at The Brick Fan, we will receive a small commission. The Brick Fan is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. I Agree Read more.The new modular Bookstore is available today as is a new white baseplate. Nearly every LEGO theme has some new sets—it can be a lot to process!

Some regions have seen these sets on shelves already, but now they are all available online. There are a few sets that really stand out to us, and you can see the complete list of all sets and items after the jump. This is a full list of LEGO themes with new products released today alphabetized for your ease of use that you can click on to go directly to that section of this article unless you just love scrolling, then scroll on!

Creator Expert: The modular has arrived in the form of the Bookshop with a teal townhouse next door. Check out our review for a detailed look at the shop, apartments and more.

LEGO Technic 2020 Sets Official Images Released

Technic: The new year is bringing new cars and machines even an app-controlled one! Trolls World Tour: One of the new themes of the year is Trolls which looks to be the spiritual successor to the Elves line. Speed Champions: Get your modern and classic model cars from these newest sets in the Speed Champions line, now eight studs wide!

City: This perennial LEGO staple is back to Police as a sub-theme, with a few stand-outs like an ice cream truck, service station and safari off-roader. Marvel Super Heroes: This wave brings a few more sets based on the Avengers and Spiderman, with a few awesome mechs to battle. So does that count as one set or 16? These early ones will likely sell out quick like last year, so act fast to pick up your favorites.

Creator 3 in 1: From a monster burger truck to just a monster truck without the patty, the Creator 3 in 1 theme has several new sets that can each be built three different ways—and even more if you use your imagination!

Hidden Side: The ghosts are back for their second wave of sets and are haunting a lighthouse, subway and more! We made the editorial decision to show the sets rather than the boxes like the rest of this guide because the Hidden Side boxes are nearly impossible to tell what is inside them since they are over-stylized to the point of confusion. The few extra sets that were not crowdfunded are available online, but only in the United Kingdom with no plans for expansion elsewhere.

This will certainly not last long, so read our review and get one while you can! Minecraft: Steve is off on another blocky adventure with pigs and pandas, but this time the creeper is bigger than ever!

Keep an eye out for the new cake frosting elements and play cubes with mystery animals. Disney: The Disney princesses are back with new castles, friends and a ton of new elements that would make any builder excited. Check out the new cute micro-dolls in the pseudo-pop-up storybooks.

Classic: A trophy, birthday set, white baseplate and shadow puppets are standouts in the Classic theme as well as the standard basic parts packs that include everything you need to build whatever your imagination can come up with at a decent price per piece ratio.

Key Chains: The LEGO Shop has launched a new assortment of key chains featuring a create-your-own charm kit as well as two familiar faces from Ninjago, though it appears the prices have all increased by a dollar just like the Collectible Minifigures did.

You made it to the end of the list of all new sets and items! Which LEGO sets do you want to buy? Leave a comment to tell us which you are most excited about. Thanks for the support! Like this article?

Tell all your friends! Post was not sent - check your email addresses!By Matthew Bolton TZ. Some say that Technic is Lego for grown-ups. Technic models are among the best Lego sets you can buy there are regularly great Lego deals to be found on them too. The key thing about Technic that separates it from other cool lego sets is that is uses different types of pieces, to create especially intricate machinery and mechanisms as part of the recreations.

Lego Technic 2020 Winter Sets [Official images]

Lego Technic cars come with functional gearboxes and engine pistons, earth-movers have motorised conveyer belts, and trucks have whole crane systems to move their plastic cargo about. This makes them much more elaborate and in-depth to build, but really rewarding at the end of it, when all the gears and levers work together in harmony. The scale model 22 inches long when finished has a specially redesigned eight-speed gearbox with paddle gearshift connected to a 16v engine model with moving pistons which move at different speeds at different gears, naturally.

Comically so. Oh yes. A jaw-dropping beast, and the ultimate Lego Technic set if you want want is motors and moving parts. The bucket wheel turns as the long conveyer belt pushes the tiny Lego rocks towards the waiting mine truck.

LEGO IDEAS Announces 3 new sets coming in 2020!

You can use a joystick to rotate the whole structure, and it drives around on its huge tracks, too if you have the space for it to go anywhere…. You can build the damn thing into an entirely different model if you want: a mobile processing plant for the Lego ore, which can measure up 34 inches long!

So get two then: one for the extraction, one for the processing. The only Lego Technic bike in this list is nowhere near the complexity of the big cars or earth-movers, but it hits all the right notes for a smaller cheaper piece or just for motorbike nuts. It includes functional suspension and steering, and a two-cylinder engine with moving pistons as you roll it around.

Plus a kickstand! Even better, you can actually then take it apart and build with a second set of instructions for a hoverbike concept vehicle, developed by Lego and BMW. This vehicle is a concept for a self-driving wheel-loader, developed by Volvo and Lego, that could be the construction vehicle of the future. To that end, it comes with an adorable little Lego drone that would act as the mapping eyes for big loader. They both look great, and have some nice articulations — the rear of the Loader model extends out as a counterweight, while the dump truck… dumps, predictably.

Like the Lego Bugatti Chiron, this is a lovingly produced, scale ode to a truly great car. Pop open the rear to see the engine pistons moving as you roll it. The motorised features include a jet nozzle that can switch between a VTOL downward angle and backwards for regular flight, moving flaps, and moving the undercarriage.

One of the most impressive Lego Technic models for resemblance to the original, the Mack articulated lorry is hella articulated, including front-wheel steering, rear wheels connected to the six-cylinder engine with moving pistons, moving joint for the trailer, and an elaborate landing legs and crane system for loading the container which has opening doors onto the rear.

It has a second optional official build, which is as a Mack garbage truck. The Ocean Explorer is three vehicles in one: a ship complete with moving crane; a deep-sea submersible that can be hoisted by the crane; and a helicopter to sit on the provided helipad. A perfect gift for the Lego Technic fan in your life, the Roadwork Crew set builds a small tipping truck and digger, with various rotating and moving parts.

The truck has a little trailer you can load the digger onto, for transporting er, around your shelves.


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